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Game theory is the study of human behavior by using various disciplines such as economics, political science, computer science, psychology and logics.  It depicts the study of mathematical models for determining the cooperation, conflict and relation in between decision makers that makes rational decisions.

Many students studying game theory under subjects like economics, mathematics and social science seek online game theory assignment help, the reason can be said as the complexity and difficulty of the subject.


Game theory models and assignments are quite tough and complex for students. Game theory requires high concentration and attention while completing assignments, proper subject knowledge, clear basic concepts, regular study and revision and various other factors.

The game theory model is generally used by managers of corporate world for creating and generating new decisions and decision making capabilities in relation to price and output of the project or work. Game theory is also known as Nash equilibrium, thus its application and real world use and various other concepts seems difficult to students, that’s why they seek online assignment help services for game theory.

At Theaccountingtutors we offer best assignment help services for various disciplines and intellectual subjects associated with game theory such as mathematics, economics, psychology, social science and computer science.


As discussed above game theory model is used by corporate managers for making fair decisions. Our tutors and experts assist students in learning the basic concepts of game theory in order to write accurate and correct assignments. Our tutors assist students in strategies under game theory such as:

  • Nash Equilibrium – In this strategy, two or more players are playing and they know the equilibrium strategies of each other, thus the strategies cannot be changed. Our game theory experts and tutors assist students in solving problems of this model and strategy and aid them in better understanding of this strategy.
  • Two person Games – This strategy describes the utilization of resources and in this game a player can be single person or an organization. Our game theory experts and tutors assist students in learning the basics of this strategy and solving problems of it.

Our game theory experts and tutors help students in understanding the real world importance of game theory and implementing it practically and in real world cases. We offer best game theory assignment help services and tutor services to students globally.

Some of the significant topics covered by our experts under game theory are listed below:

  • Two-Person Zero Sum Games
  • Games in Extensive Form
  • Cooperative Games
  • Nash Equilibrium
  • Multistage Bargaining
  • Behavior Strategies
  • Perfect Recall
  • Nash Bargaining Solution
  • Perfect Nash Equilibrium
  • Metagames
  • Stochastic Games
  • Pooling Games
  • Extensive Games with Information Sets
  • Many-Player and Population Games
  • Zero Sum Games
  • Repeated Games
  • Finding Mixed-Strategy Equilibria for Two-Person Games
  • Stochastic Games
  • Infinitely Long Games
  • Nash Equilibria in Mixed Strategies
  • Games in Normal Form
  • Folk Theorems
  • Mixed Strategies


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